BridgeComm is used by HySpecIQ for optical downlinks

High-speed optical downlinks from BridgeComm will be used to connect HySpecIQ satellites in low-Earth orbit with HySpecIQ hyperspectral analytics systems. The partnership was announced by the hyperspectral analytics business HySpecIQ and the optical communications expert BridgeComm. “With BridgeComm’s integration, we are excited to expand our satellite constellation program and hyperspectral imagery capabilities,” Bill Sullivan, executive chairman as well as the founder of the HySpecIQ firm, stated in a statement. By leveraging BridgeComm’s significant experience in free-space optical capabilities, we will be able to deliver secure data communications with high bandwidth, which will enable government and business decision-makers to take swift action.

In a statement, BridgeComm Chief Executive Officer Barry Matsumori stated that the agreement “is an extension of the long-standing connection with HySpecIQ, further demonstrating BridgeComm’s secure and fast, enterprise-grade broadband facilities for satellite constellations.” The agreement was announced on October 4 and will be effective immediately. “As additional LEO constellations are launched, the combination of our technology and systems will offer important data at amazing speeds.”

The arrangement comes on the heels of the recent announcement that venture entrepreneur Peter Thiel would assist in funding HySpecIQ’s planned constellation of the 12 hyperspectral imagery satellites, which would be based in Herndon, Virginia. According to Bloomberg, Thiel’s investment of over $20 million is going to cover the costs of producing HySpecIQ’s first two satellites and the launch of those satellites in 2023, as well as other expenses. BridgeComm, based in Denver, intends to build a global network of the optical communications ground stations as well as an optical communications constellation in low Earth orbit as part of its vision for the future.

With its mission to accelerate the implementation of the optical communications systems by offering operators a remedy that flawlessly connects high-altitude unmanned vehicles and satellites to the ground, BridgeComm is meeting the growing demand for frequent and accurate data collection from low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites, among other things.  BridgeComm’s solution, which is intended to either supplement existing RF systems or serve as a primary downlink channel, includes upfront design work, mission analysis, integration and delivery of the space terminals, as well as access to the ground network that delivers the operator’s data directly from the satellite or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to a server.

When it comes to precision and accessibility on a worldwide scale, HySpecIQ is unsurpassed. It provides the resolution you demand with the satellite range you require. Their purpose-built satellites and technological solutions translate the intangible into the valuable and turn data into actionable information.

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