Empleos And Habilidades Most In Demand In The Coming Months

The digital transformation, the change caused by the pandemic and its subsequent crisis, new technologies, cybersecurity ?? they are the scenario that draws the most requested jobs in the coming months. Setesca Talent, a company specialized in the identification and recruitment of professional talent, analyzes the profiles that will concentrate the demand in this new course.

CIO’s but with a new vision
One of the positions that will be most in demand but that will be transformed is that of ICT director or CIO. “We are looking for professionals who know how to raise the level of business productivity through technology” says Teresa Pipó, talent director at Setesca Talent.

The reason for this is that companies have understood during the pandemic the importance of having a strong and efficient IT infrastructure. Furthermore, companies have realized that without new commercial channels and adequate customer segmentation and analysis they cannot sell internationally or reach their product offering to the largest number of customers. For all this, CIOs are now looking for that are capable of offering these three levels of service to the company.

Experts in cybersecurity and cloud
The pandemic has brought numerous consequences and among them is the fact that cyberattacks have increased and become more sophisticated. Similarly, associated with this is the fact that, with the general implementation of teleworking, companies use more cloud services, in fact, according to a study by Check Point, 68% of companies use two or more cloud providers. “In this sense, companies are in demand for specialized profiles in cybersecurity and in cloud environments, in order to respond to these needs,” highlights Pipó.

Profiles specialized in process management tools
In the same way, with the crisis caused by COVID, tools such as ERP have become indispensable and organizations have had to adapt them to the new reality. Profitability and cost savings, and having detailed information for it, has become key. For this reason, business-oriented profiles with a technical background in process management tools (ERP implementation) are currently in high demand.

Global and international vision of the company
The need to have a clear vision of all company processes, and to analyze and promote their internationalization options, have increased in recent months. For this reason, companies are looking for profiles that are capable of providing that vision and that implement internationalization policies.

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