Galaxy Note Is Not Dead, There Would Be A Nueva Versión

Rumors of the death of the Galaxy Note may have been exaggerated, after the existence of a next-gen model was leaked.

Traditionally, the Galaxy Note is released half a year after the Galaxy S, as a premium-end option compatible with the S-Pen stylus. It is, therefore, the preferred model of the most enthusiastic, professionals and artists. This rhythm of releases has been broken in 2021, after Samsung has decided not to launch the Note 21 that it played; Instead, it has focused on the S21 and the new folding, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Z Flip 3 as high-end models.

It is something that has not sat very well among the most enthusiastic of the brand, who have even created a request for Samsung to abandon the future Galaxy S22 in exchange for developing a new Galaxy Note , launching one in odd years and the other in even years. An idea that we already warned that it was something ridiculous, not only because of the idea that Samsung abandons its most famous mobile, but also because of the deadlines; the design of the S22 is very likely already finished and close to production.

At least, it seems that Samsung has listened to its most loyal customers, and could have restarted production of a new Galaxy Note. This has been leaked by surprise by Ice Universe, one of the most popular ‘leakers’ on Twitter. He has not been able to give many details, beyond that “someone in the supply chain has seen evidence of the existence of the new generation of the Galaxy Note.”

someone in the supply chain has seen evidence of the existence of the next generation Galaxy Note.

?? Ice universe (@UniverseIce) September 11, 2021
It is a leak that leaves more questions than answers. For example, in which generation will this Galaxy Note be integrated? Will it be based on the S21, or the future S22? If it is already in production, will it arrive at the same time as the S22, or will it really be its replacement?

Although there are many things that we do not know, we can imagine that the new Galaxy Note will use the latest version of the S-Pen, released with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and that it does not require internal rechargeable batteries thanks to the new screen.

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