Nintendo Switch Drops In Price In España, Before The New Model Arrives

Nintendo has lowered the price of its Switch console permanently, in anticipation of the arrival of the new model that will take its place.

As of today, the Nintendo Switch costs 299 euros , a decrease of 30 euros from the usual price. Therefore, it is now cheaper to get the console, and it gives us the possibility to buy a separate game with what we save.

Actually, this is not a surprise, as Nintendo announced this price change last July, when it introduced the new Nintendo Switch with an OLED screen . The launch of this new version is expected on October 8 and therefore ran the risk of competing directly with the previous model.

The new Switch model with OLED screen will cost 349.99 euros, more expensive than the price of the Switch but very close; so Nintendo ran the risk of sabotaging itself by offering two products with a similar price but different features. The price drop makes sense, although it is striking that the final difference between the two versions will be only 50 euros , taking into account the large number of differences.

The new seven-inch OLED screen is expected to offer far superior image quality compared to the Switch’s 6.2-inch LCD screen; The new model will also include a new, more adjustable stand and improved onboard sound, plus 64GB of internal storage versus 32GB for the original. The other big difference is the Ethernet port in the dock, which will improve the Internet connection when we have the console connected to a television. It is also striking that the Switch Lite maintains the same price of 219.99 euros.

Therefore, everything indicates that it is better to wait and get the OLED Switch for 50 euros more and get all those advantages, but that will depend a lot on each player, and especially, on availability; at this point it is not clear whether the OLED Switch suffer from supply problems that have affected its rivals consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series .

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