Dani Martín’s New Look Change That He Has Made Himself

Dani Martín’s new look change that he has made himself. The singer has assured that the decision to renew his image is because he has a very important project in hand.

Dani Martín , who has accustomed his followers to the same look since the beginning of his artistic career, has surprised them with a change in his haircut .

This Sunday, the singer published a photograph on his social networks where he could be seen differently, with a tougher touch thanks to his new look change.

He has recognized that he has wanted to return to his image of when he was younger. “Like when I was 18 years old!” , he expressed.

However, the most surprising thing about his new look has not been the cut itself, but that it has been he himself who has made it , a hitherto unknown facet of the artist.

He himself has assured that this decision to renew his image is due to the fact that he has a very important project in hand .

“What is coming deserved this haircut … coming soon !!! “, he declared. “Stay tuned, everything starts over, everything comes from scratch!”

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