Anne Hidalgo Launches Into The Race For The Elysee

The mayor of Paris , the socialist Anne Hidalgo , has announced this Sunday her candidacy for the presidential elections of 2022 , with a message in which she has promised “a decentralized Republic, closer to the citizens”, that turns the page to a model that , in his opinion, “disintegrates”.

“Today, I am ready” , has proclaimed the socialist policy, already considered in advance the candidate of the heavyweights of his party. He will have to face a primary at the end of the month , but the support that party leaders have given him – before even making the announcement official – gives rise to few surprises.

Hidalgo’s is a long-awaited announcement in France , given that it was already taken for granted that he would take the step to try to return the Socialists to the Elysee. His main endorsement are the more than seven years he has been in charge of the Paris City Council, from where he has promoted a change in the political paradigm that he now wants to take to the Elysee.

Thus, it has announced that it will present a specific plan in the field of the environment and has promised an increase in salaries , during a speech in Rouen in which it has advocated a policy based on “respect” and has launched specific messages for women . Not surprisingly, she aspires to be the first woman to hold the main political position in France.

Hidalgo has said to be “aware of the seriousness of the situation” and to assume “humbly” a challenge before which he has wielded his Spanish origins, remembering that he arrived in France with two years and that he comes from a family of working class and republican origin .

Far from favorites
The mayor of Paris, however, has the challenge of coming back in polls that for now are still dominated by the current president, Emmanuel Macron , and the far-right Marine Le Pen , with the Republicans in third position in the absence of deciding who will be their candidate .

The level of support for Hidalgo ranges between 7 and 9% , according to a poll published this month by the newspaper Le Figaro , and it remains to be seen how the panorama of the left will be configured, in which the former Minister of Economy Arnaud Montebourg.

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