42, Most Innovative Campus de Programación, In Top Ten Of The World Universities

Project 42 ranks tenth in the TOP 100 of the world universities with Real Impact (WURI *) for its high level of excellence in programming training. In addition, it also occupies the first position for the ethical values ​​it transmits and represents, ahead of universities such as Harvard, Columbia or Yale. This distinction, awarded alongside the world’s most prestigious institutions, reinforces the legitimacy of a unique pedagogical model that continues to be successfully exported: the 42 Network, launched in June 2019, now includes 35 partner campuses, including two new ones in Turkey ( Kocaeli and Istanbul). In addition, ten new campuses are being prepared to open in the future.

Spain is part of the 42 Network through Fundación Telefónica, with four campuses. In 2019, 42 Madrid opened its doors with great success and was the first to implement this pioneering, innovative and free pedagogical model in Spain. During 2021, Urduliz (Bizkaia) followed and, soon, Barcelona and Malaga will follow. Currently there are already more than 30,000 people who have registered in the four Spanish campuses. Also, Fundación Telefónica is present in Latin America with the campus of 42 São Paulo, in Brazil .

With the Madrid, Urduliz (Bizkaia), Barcelona and Malaga campuses, Fundación Telefónica, and its strategic partners go one step further and anticipate the professional scene of the future to respond to the needs of the labor market and prepare society for the new digital professions. Project 42 has expanded in Spain with the idea of ​​becoming a benchmark for innovation in the different territories of the country, with a firm commitment to attracting technological talent and betting on digital training for the whole of society.

“With this distinction we feel that the commitment of Telefónica and its Foundation to education is recognized as the main lever of change, to provide future opportunities to everyone. With the launch of 42 campuses in Spain we are reinforcing our commitment with society: ensuring that no one is left behind in the digital world “, José María Álvarez-Pallete, president of Telefónica.

When excellence meets equal opportunities
In less than ten years, 42 has become a global benchmark for programmer training , with more than 12,000 students trained in 22 countries, proving that diversity and inclusion are essential assets for the future. With this high degree of excellence, 42 it trains students free of charge, no qualifications or previous training are required, and there is no age limitation. It prepares the best programmers for the job market, while attracting multiple actors (governments, local authorities, large companies, universities, benefactors, etc.) eager to join the challenge of a more inclusive and humane digital transition.

The technology sector is booming, but in turn suffers from a shortage of digital profiles . For this reason, 42 facilitates training for people without qualifications, encourages professional retraining and job search, as well as the creation of STEM vocations among women to acquire the bases of programming. 42 aims to offer everyone the same chance of success with free access to training in a 24/7 open space where students, in addition to programming, learn other skills such as teamwork or tolerance for frustration.

“We are immensely proud of the distinction offered by the WURI classification. International recognition of the positive impact of Model 42 on society and the growing interest the world is showing in our pedagogical model shows that digital can be a powerful vector of inclusion, including in disadvantaged regions. Today, the 42 Network continues to grow steadily: with 35 campuses integrated since its launch two years ago, we should reach our initial goal of 50 campuses by 2025 much faster than anticipated. “, Sophie Viger, CEO of 42.

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