Casado Accuses Sánchez Of Negotiating With Those Who Cheer On Hja Terrorists

The first session of control of the Government in Congress after the return of the summer maintained the same tense, harsh and disrespectful tone of the last months. This Wednesday there were two issues that monopolized most of the questions: the unstoppable rise in electricity prices and the negotiating table on the territorial crisis in Catalonia. The PP charged the ink against that body, and its president, Pablo Casado, raised the tone of his criticism and accused Sánchez of meeting with “those who cheer on the terrorists.”

Casado’s harsh accusation occurred precisely a few hours before the President of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, traveled to Barcelona to participate in the first meeting of this body after the pandemic. The leader of the PP assured that this meeting “of infamy” will serve to “negotiate a referendum”, despite the fact that the Government has assured that it does not propose to negotiate the self-determination that the Generalitat does require. And he said that Sánchez’s interlocutors in that meeting are “those who set fire to Barcelona” and “those who cheer on the terrorists who want to attack the PP.”

Pedro Sänchez and Pere Aragonès, meeting at the Moncloa.
After this statement, Casado accused Sánchez of presiding over “a failed government”, which for the PP is “the most radical in the democratic history of Spain” and also “the most radical in Europe”, above others such as the extreme right-wing of Hungary or Poland. “You are incapable of solving the problems of the Spaniards because the main problem in Spain is you,” the popular leader snapped at the Prime Minister, who demanded his resignation due to the increase in the price of electricity.

In his response, Sánchez avoided referring to the meeting at the negotiating table on Wednesday and charged a Casado whom he said he saw “a bit uneasy and accelerated.” “It is clear to me that they are not going to pitch in during the legislature,” lamented the president, who nevertheless did respond to the criticism made by the PP for the rise in the price of the electricity bill. “Confiscatory for you is that we revert the extraordinary benefits of electricity to the citizens,” said Sánchez, who assured that this is “fair” because “everyone” must “pitch in.”

Likewise, the president dropped a warning to sailors after some energy companies threatened on Tuesday to stop nuclear power plants, arguing that the measures adopted by the Executive to contain the price of electricity make these facilities economically unviable. “The Government will always defend the interest of the citizens above any particular interest and pressure , ” he said.

Clash with Abascal for Catalonia
Sánchez also had a hard row with the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, as a result of the meeting of the dialogue table on Catalonia that he will attend this Wednesday. Abascal asked him “what else is he going to give to the enemies of Spain in order to screw himself one more minute in the chair”, and accused him of “treason” to the country, the citizens and the king. “You do not care if they burn police stations or pay homages to terrorist psychopaths,” said the Vox leader in reference to Sánchez’s parliamentary partners.

Unlike the strategy that followed with Casado, the president did respond to Abascal’s criticism in relation to Catalonia. He did so by ensuring that “the essence of democracy is to dialogue and agree”, and denounced that Vox qualifies as “enemies of Spain” those who represent the majority of citizens in Congress. “How sad Spain defends you, in which only you fit and there is no room for a large majority of the Spanish citizens,” lamented Sánchez, who maintained that Abascal considers the mere dialogue with the independentistas “an attack on reason.”

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