Mediamarkt Launches 150 Job Offers With Salaries From 1100 Euros al Mes

With the return to routine, the commercial calendar begins to tune in the face of what will be the big dates next fall / winter. From Black Friday, to CyberMonday, passing of course through the Christmas campaign. With its ‘Days without VAT’, the German chain Mediamarkt is one of those brands that everyone has in mind when talking about technology and household appliances . Now, facing these dates, the chain seeks to hire more than 150 new profiles.

Most of the offers are to be expert salespeople in their stores, where the advisory service is combined with commercial sales in its different sections: telephony, video games, televisions, electrical appliances, photography …

Its employment portal also highlights a registration offer to work in its new Global Business center that will be based in Barcelona, ​​its new administrative and accounting base to provide service to stores, not only in Spain, but all over the world.

And, in addition, there is also an open selection process for a new store in Sabadell, where they seek to complete the template that will join a list of more than 90 stores and 6,000 employees in Spain.

Salaries, requirements and conditions of Mediamarkt workers
Although the current offers do not show the salary, the department store agreement marks salaries of between 1,100 and 1,200 euros per month , something to which some bonuses could be added. On websites like Indeed, several workers give an average of 1,041 euros per month for a MediaMarkt salesperson position.

In addition, the company offers some facilities such as online training, gym discount plans, nursery aid, VISA transport and discounts on its products.

MediaMarkt does not require training requirements to work as a salesperson in its stores , but it does require a deep knowledge of the products with which they are going to work since one of the strengths of these salespeople is advising customers.

Among the functions that MediaMarkt offers ask of their candidates are:

-Knowledge technically and functionally the products of your department.

-Manage and carry out the sale, proposing alternatives and additional sale, using the computer systems made available to you

-Closing the sale efficiently in order to meet the Company’s business objectives.

-Collaborate in the changes or reconstructions of your area.

-Realization of the basics: replacement, labeling, ordering, communication and maintenance of the marketing elements of the point of sale.

The requirements, as we said, are more practical than theoretical in the case of sellers. Not so in the technicians, who do require specific training.

-Advanced knowledge about new technologies, specifically in the range of IT, telephony and videogames products, as well as the ability to quickly retrain and train in new products.

-Experience in selling these products and services, always achieving great customer satisfaction.

-Ability to offer a high degree of customer satisfaction in any situation.

How to send the CV to MediaMarkt
MediaMarkt concentrates all its recruitment on its website. Specifically, in this link you can check all their vacancies in available offline stores. In addition, here is the concrete process for the new store in Sabadell.

Once there, the offers can be filtered by province, city and by keywords for the position.

With the selected offers, we can register in three ways, either by registering through b4work, where we will have to fill in our CV, or by entering from Linkedin , where it will take our employment data. The last option is to register on the page itself and upload our CV manually. They all have the same validity.

Once this step is completed, we will already be on the MediaMarkt human resources list for the position we have applied for.

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