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Vision has been started with the vision to create a community of finance students and professionals who are willing to share and help each other. The community will empower its members with the necessary skills and encourage sharing their honest opinion on various financial issues.

"Daulat" means "wealth" and this forum will try to create the real wealth of knowledge. This forum has been started by a group of finance professionals, CFA candidates and MBA students from India and US. We believe there are no arbitrage opportunities in life and we have to work hard to make money. So this website is not for discussing some hot stocks which a group of people are speculating. That's because speculating is not investing. This platform has the vision to form a strong finance community that will strive to help members achieve their career goals. Members will get help in preparing for exams like the CFA, FRM etc.

DG is a forum for financial analysts, finance professionals and students who understand what is important for people who are trying to get into the finance industry and are willing to share that information.