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What is the Cure of India's Inflation Problem?

Amol Agrawal, an Economist, discusses the reasons for the rising inflation in India and how it can be restrained to sustainable levels.
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Scope of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) in Emerging Markets like India

Matt Patsky, CFA, Chief Executive Officer, Trillium Asset Management Corporation
Matt Patsky, CFA is the Chief Executive Officer at Trillium Asset Management Corporation. He speaks about Socially Responsible Investing and it's scope in emerging markets like India.
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Frequently Asked Questions about New York University's Math Finance Program

NYU Math Finance Program

Petter Kolm, Director of the Mathematics in Finance Masters Program at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University answers some of the frequently asked questions about the Math Finance Program at NYU.

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Prof. Tarun Khanna of HBS Discusses Strategies for Winning in Emerging Markets

Prof. Tarun Khanna, Harvard Business School
Professor Tarun Khanna of Harvard Business School is an expert on business strategies for emerging markets. He speaks to and discusses how his new book can help entrepreneurs from emerging markets like India.
Winning in Emerging Markets: A Roadmap for Strategy and Execution
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Richard Koo, Chief Economist, Nomura Research Institute explains how this "Balance Sheet Recession" is different

Richard Koo, Chief Economist, Nomura Research Institute
Mr. Richard C. Koo is the Chief Economist of Nomura Research Institute, the research arm of Nomura Securities, Tokyo. He has recently released a book titled “Balance Sheet Recession - Japan's Struggle with Uncharted Economics and its Global Implications”. In this interview he explains how the recession in 2008 was different and what should be the role of the Government.
Balance Sheet Recession: Japan's Struggle with Uncharted Economics and its Global Implications
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