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Whom will Alok Aggarwal, CEO of Evalueserve, hire for a position in Investment Research?

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Careers in Investment Research at Evalueserve
Mr. Alok Aggarwal is the Founder of Evalueserve. He speaks to on how students can prepare for a career in investment research and what skills are valuable to Evalueserve.


Mr. Alok Aggarwal is a co-founder of Evalueserve (EVS). Prior to this, Alok was the Director of Emerging Business Opportunities for IBM Research Division Worldwide. In this capacity, he headed IBM's India Research Laboratory. There he was managing a team of 55 researchers involved in the research and development of major IBM products and technologies, including those in e-commerce, supply chain management, natural user interface, speech recognition, networking software, data mining and media mining products as well as systems management. Alok received his B. Tech. in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and his PhD in Computer Science from the Johns Hopkins University. He has published over 50 research papers and 10 patents, and has received 2 Outstanding Invention Awards.

Krittika Raychaudhuri speaks to him.

Thank you Mr. Aggarwal for speaking to We are glad that you have taken out time from your busy schedule to speak to us.


Could you tell us more about Evalueserve’s current services tailored for the Finance industry? What are your future plans?

Evalueserve is a global leader in Knowledge Process Outsourcing. Evalueserve’s services include customized Financial and Investment Research, Business Research etc. It serves all major industries such as Financial Services, Telecom, IT etc.

About 40% of our revenues come from the Finance industry, which we characterize as banking, finance, securities and insurance. Most of the work we do is in relations to investment research, which is equity research and corporate finance investment banking research, fixed income research and derivatives research. We serve retail and commercial banking firms particularly in analytics, market research, marketing campaign analytics, customer satisfaction analytics, branch analytics and credit card analytics. We also provide risk analytics for insurance companies, which obviously include help with underwriting and claims management etc.


How is your equity research service different from the equity research done by the traditional investment banks?

Basically we support them. So we do not have any Senior Analysts. They are usually sitting in London, Hong Kong or New York. We provide them the services of an Associate and Junior Analyst.


Could you tell us more about how you help Investment Banks or Private Equity firms?

As I said, the Senior Analyst would be sitting in New York or London or Hong Kong and we would provide an Associate or Junior Analyst who would be typically an MBA or CFA. These Evalueserve employees collect news items, maintain financial models for them and help in forecasting etc. They also develop comparable analysis models and discounted cash flow models. Then they would end up writing around 70%-75% of the corresponding equity research report and send it to a Senior Analyst, who in turn, would review it, modify it and add his or her recommendation (i.e., Buy, Sell, or Hold) before publishing it.


Many fresh graduates want to work in Investment Research, Business Research etc. What type of profile do you seek and what advice do you have for them?

I think the kind of people we are looking for in investment and business research, tend to be MBAs and Accountants. We would of course hire CFAs also. We hire Statisticians and Engineers for Data Analytics profile.

Advice is a hard thing, especially these days. I would say, hang in there and be ready for a tough challenge. I don’t think it’s going to be easy for the next two years.


For your services related to corporate finance, do you recruit only MBAs or some engineering students are also recruited for excel modeling etc.?

Yes, we hire some engineering students but the group mainly has MBAs. We recruit some accountants also. We primarily look for analytical skills in students who are recruited just after their undergraduate degree in engineering.


How can students get a competitive advantage when looking for a job in this field?

Basically, they should focus on the soft skills like good communication skills, which include both writing and speaking skills. Also knowing how to deal with the clients etc. can help them gain a competitive advantage and get a grasp of this field quicker.


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