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Why you should use internet/ mobile for trading

Some years ago, if you bought or sold shares of a company, it took at least three weeks for you to get the share certificate or money for your trade. Today, instant communication allows you to trade through the online and mobile platforms from the convenience of your home, car or office. In a fast-paced world, it takes just a few minutes for things to turn on its head. In that context, all investors should be able to get in and out of the market whenever they want to. The new online and mobile trading platforms bring a level playing field for all type of investors. Stock market trading is no longer a fiefdom of a few.

Here are pointers that explain the change:

1)      Convenience

Online and mobile trading gives you the power to complete your investments by facilitating your transactions in a simple and easy manner instead of your having to run around. Online trading ensures that you can put in your order using the parameters that you find appropriate. This means you can suggest the price and the quantity and these will be executed accordingly. Smart phones have become common accessories and you can use these devices to trade too using the mobile trading route. There is no need to undertake transactions only when the market remains open as online trades could be placed after trading hours. This results in a situation wherein you are able to conveniently enter your trade requirements as and when it suits you and these will be executed once the market opens the next day.                                                           

2)      Real time details

There is real time information available through the mobile and online trading platforms. This keeps you up to date with what is exactly happening in the markets along with the kind of changes that require your attention. There is no need to spend time and effort in trying to update yourself with various happenings because you are able to see this right on your mobile or laptop screens instantly. You can also react quickly to different developments without loss of time, which will help protect and grow your investments.  

3)      Better decisions

Availability of information at your fingertips will enable you to make better investment decisions. The ability to act on news or developments that have a significant impact on the stock market is the key. Investors need not labour to find a way to invest if they have money to capitalise on better prospects. Mobile and online trading platforms allow you to seize the opportunity. The end result is likely to be that there will be fewer situations wherein opportunities are missed, leading to better returns at the end of the day.   

4)      Quick and easy execution

The presence and usage of online and mobile investing platforms ensures that there is no delay in implementing any decision regarding a trade. Also, there is no depending on any other person to undertake and complete what is actually required to be done. Technology ensures that this is taken care of and this is done instantaneously. The manner in which the trade is executed or set is also very simple, even persons who have never used such platforms earlier are able to complete trades easily. This will raise the satisfaction levels whilst trading, making it a pleasant experience. It is also easy for your stock broker to listen to you and respond to your queries if channelled through internet and mobile.

5)      Personalised services

Everyone wants to know about details that are relevant to their specific needs. The online trading platform makes this possible as those features that are relevant for you can easily be accessed. Such accessibility will also ensure that you get the exact information that you desire instead of searching for the relevant details. For example, it is possible for your stockbroker to provide to you relevant information about companies that you hold in your portfolio. In sum you have control over what you want to see and use and what exactly you wish to avoid. Ultimately, increased efficiency with minimum effort in your trading activity is what you will witness and this will ensure that you end up as a beneficiary.


Author Bio:

Kotak Securities is one of India’s share broking firm offering demat account, online trading, mutual fund and IPO investing service’s along with a research division specializing in Sectoral Research and Company Specific Equity Research.We also offer you KEAT Pro X a share trading software that allows you to monitor what is happening in the market at real time speed.
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