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6 Types of Insurance Providers for your Two Wheeler

Accidents on roads don’t come calling you out. With reckless drivers swerving their rides on an equally pathetic road, things could get worse in the blink of an eye. To top that, if there is a bad weather, you are somewhat doomed. One slip from your bike and your hard-earned money flows out of your bank account like water. Yet, one should always be prepared. Therefore, there ought to be some risk protection and that comes with a decent bike insurance plan.

With matters of money, you should not hurry. You had bought your bike with a lot of money. It’s an investment and so you should be well acquainted with the law before you narrow down to one insurance company. Without proper knowledge you are likely to be duped, given, there are so many con websites and insurance companies mushroomed up.

The general law

Two wheelers out on the road must always have an insurance on third party compensation. Although the coverage does not include compensating for the damage on your bike, it will help you to do the needful to a victim of your bike. This is the minimum coverage mandatory for every bike ridden actively on Indian roads.

You must be wondering what good will that do if you can’t fix your bike and only manage to save your face in front of someone else. It takes a lot of money to repair bikes, get the parts. The market prices are skyrocketing day by day. Well, certainly expert insurance plans are there for the same to save you.

Following are the points are to look for while you get your two-wheeler insured. You need to be well aware of what you exactly need for your two-wheeler and then begin the paperwork.

The comprehensive cover

The most important one involving the costliest premium is this cover. Buying this one gets your two-wheeler from every disaster possible on earth. From fire, vandalism, robbery, accidental collision with another vehicle, natural disasters to even covering for the third party, this insurance does it all. So if you can manage to pay the high premium in the beginning, you will not have to worry.

If you are already making that investment, you had better know about the Insured’s Declared Value as well. This will help to determine how much money exactly you will get when you go to claim it. This amount is set by the insurance company and reduces approximately every year by 10% setting a low IDV might help save a few rupees from the premium but during emergency, the amount might not suffice. You have to be careful with that.

Coverage due to Collision

If your bike is damaged upon collision with a bigger vehicle, this insurance will pay for the repair of the same. If you are confident that nothing else can be the cause of damage to your bike than irresponsible drivers, then you can opt for this one.

The cost of repairing is too damn high and getting spare parts is an equally hard. It would be a good decision to get your two wheeler insurance with this one.

The Pillion-rider cover

For cars, one insurance policy encompasses all the people who get into that car. This is not the case for two-wheeler riders. A separate insurance plan has to be claimed for the one who rides behind the main one- the pillion rider. This is like an add-on and definitely involves you paying a bit of extra premium.

If it is only you and your bike, then you may not have to worry about this one. In case, there is a regular pillion rider, it is a human decision to get his/her life insured.

Underinsured motorist insurance or uninsured motor insurance

In case you hit another motorist who does not have any insurance of his or her own, you are in a bit of a pickle. It might be you that pays for the damage done to your two-wheeler, instead of the one at fault.

If you have this insurance, then the company will pay for the damage even if the perpetrator is not insured adequately, rather, not at all insured.

The vandalism coverage or coverage due to theft and fire

You are certainly not going to pay immediately, get a new bike, weeping, while there are ways to compensate your loss in case your bike gets stolen. Some neighbourhoods can be rather violent where some goons might pick up your two-wheeler and run off. Or a fire could break out suddenly leaving your bike in ashes. The vandalism coverage will ensure that you get the money.

If you don’t have this insurance, it is really going to hit you hard, this losing bike. So you better be safe than regret later.


Check for discounts

Certain measures taken whilst insuring your bike could earn you lucrative discounts. If you are a member of the AAI (the Automobile Association of India), then you might be in luck about those premiums. Also, if there are devices such as anti-theft alarms fitted to your bike that gets you discounts.

There is a No Claim Bonus which states that if the insured does not claim for the money for a long time, they will get a discount.

Time to time, the companies give offers to their customers. Look out for those and reap the benefits at the maximum.

Thorough down the reviews

Thanks to all the reviews written online about insurance companies, one can make an idea of how beneficial a particular company would be. Suited to the needs, you can narrow down your search, form your opinion and get your documents ready. Always remember to check the background of a company. It would be best if you already know someone who has their vehicle insured from that company. They can give you a clear idea, first-hand, and in person.

The best rates, the best deals are what you must ensure for your precious two-wheeler. This article should help in broadening your horizon about two wheeler insurance.

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