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The Consequence of Delay in Investing. Should you wait till 30?

For many, just the thought of financial planning strikes fear and anxiety. Most young people falsely believe that they have enough time to invest in the future and inevitably delay their investment process. It may be due to lack of awareness or out of sheer lethargy, but regardless of what keeps you from investing before you turn 30 and the proverbial reality check makes you take control of your finances – the consequences are precious years lost that could’ve earned you great returns.

By “waiting for the right time”, you may be missing out on the power of compounding. Beginning your investment process early and staying invested for a long period of time is likely to be more beneficial than investing a larger sum at a later date. Nowadays young investors start investing in stock market at the age of 25. A delay in investing may cost you dearly and you would have only yourself to blame. By investing smaller sums of money systematically, regularly and patiently over a sustained period of time, you can reach your financial goals slowly but steadily.

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