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Tax Saving Investments: Importance and Available Avenues


Investments are beneficial from both a fund building and a tax saving perspective. Making an investment helps to ensure higher amount of savings from a short term as well as a long term view.

Whenever you are looking to invest in a particular instrument, factors like inherently low risk along with higher capital gains and better tax planning should be given importance. A smart way to achieve this is to take professional assistance from finance experts who have a good understanding of the market and who can create a diverse investment portfolio for you by keeping these factors in consideration.


Tax Saving Instruments

Tax Saving Bonds

·         Debt securities issued by PSUs

·         Interest earned is non-taxable

·         Give preference to AA and AAA rated bonds

·         It is ideal to let the lock-in period get completed as returns on maturity are guaranteed


Equity Linked Savings Scheme

·         Returns on investment are tax free under section 80C of Income Tax Act.

·         Moderate amount of risk involved but the returns are higher in comparison to Fixed Deposits

·         Lock-in period is just 3 years


5-year and 10-year National Savings Certificates

·         Guaranteed returns on maturity

·         Interest earned is taxable as per an individual’s income slab

·         There is no ‘tax deducted at source’


                                                       Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme

·         This scheme has been approved on September 21st, 2012 by Finance Minister Mr P Chidambaram

·         Motive is to encourage first time investors to adopt equity culture

·         Lock-in period of just 1 year

·         Maximum allowed investment is 50,000/- and 50% of that amount is eligible for availing tax benefits under section 80CCG of Income Tax Act, 1961.



Tax Saver Fixed Deposits

·         As per section 80C, 5-year Fixed Deposits are exempted from tax

·         Interest rates range between 8.5-9%

·         Exemption is applicable within the 1,00,000/- limit which also includes other investments



Life Insurance

·         Tax benefits under section 80C

·         As per section 10(10D), if the premium every year is less than 10% of the sum assured, then the maturity amount is exempted from tax.



Health Insurance

·         Under Section 80D, for policies of self, spouse or children, tax benefits of up to 15,000/- is available. These benefits can go up to 30,000/- if you are paying for the health insurance policies of your parents as well.

·         Benefits on parents’ health policies is dependent on two factors -

Your age should be under 65 years and the premium payment should be made via cheque or credit card only.


Public Provident Fund

·         Excellent retirement planning investment

·         Interest rate of 8.7% for 2013-14 with a maximum investment of 1,00,000/- allowed

·         Additional benefits:  Option of taking loans from your PPF from the beginning of 3rd year onwards till the end of 5th year. You can also make withdrawals from the 6th year onwards.

·         Under section 80C, amount on maturity including interest is non-taxable.


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