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Tata Capital Used Car Loans – When You Want More Dash, For Way Less Cash.

Vishal Mhatre was a 29-year old marketing executive who’d moved to Mumbai from Nagpur in 2009 when he landed a plum job with a leading corporate. He loved the on-job learnings, and the buzz of Mumbai, but what he didn’t factor was the sheer enormity of day-to-day living- the exorbitant rents, the insane commute times, the traffic, the expenses on entertaining oneself… etc. etc.

To bring some order to his expectations vs. income, he did the following things:

-          Rented a shared accommodation in Andheri, a far-off, but accessibly-priced option in comparison to localities near his office.

-          Started commuting by local train – as crowded as they were, the savings in time and money were helpful in the beginning.

-          Cut down on eating out by employing a cook who made weekday meals for both roommates, and employed a dabbawalla to bring the hot lunch to their offices.

Cut to today: It’s October 2016, and Vishal is now married and well-settled in a small 1BHK that he and his wife have jointly taken a loan for. The EMIs go from Vishal’s salary, and he and Shraddha have been talking about planning their family… Maybe by this time next year…

Vishal thinks about how much his life is set to change. About what he and Shraddha want to provide their daughter or son-to-be. He sees a crib in the corner of his bedroom, loads and loads of baby clothes and toys everywhere, and he sees the 3 of them going to Nagpur by an A/C bus to visit his parents…

Screech! His fantasy comes to a grinding halt. No! Not the bus. That just won’t do!

It’s one thing for him or Shraddha to commute daily by local trains and travel to their respective hometowns by MSRTC buses or trains, but he wants to ferry his child around in style… what to do? Between the home EMIs, household expenses, their investments, and having a life (couple of movies a month, shopping every quarter, drinks and dancing now and then) there was no way they could buy a car without seriously straining his new family’s living standards. Dammit!

It’s then that a well-timed banner ad pops up on his web browser for Tata Capital’s Used Car Loans… Eh? Really? Is that even a thing? Vishal digs deeper and finds that not only can he get ample financing on a used car, but the company can even help him find the car that’s right for him.

Hmmm, interesting…

Cut to Bhaubeej (Bhai Dooj) 2017 – Vishal drives up the entryway of Vishal’s apartment building in Civil Lines with Shraddha and baby Ketki, in their (gently-used) sporty Electric Red Hyundai i10 Sportz hatchback. His parents and family are ecstatic.

Vishal bought the car 2 months after he saw the ad for Used Car financing, on the day after Shraddha announced she was expecting their baby. At down-payment of just Rs. 35000/-, and monthly installments of Rs. 8767/-, he and his young family travelled everywhere comfortably and conveniently without throwing their finely-balanced finances out of gear.

If you’re like Vishal, or countless other young Indians who want the pleasure of owning your first car, but without upsetting all the other balls you’re juggling in the air with that one monthly paycheck - look at a used car instead from a certified reseller.


It’s the power and pleasure of four wheels, without the declaration of bankruptcy.

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