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Study Abroad Tips That You Will Actually Need

The prospect of going to a foreign country as a student can be a set of mixed reactions. You feel excited about the idea of exploring new avenues and learning. But, at the same time, you may have apprehensions and worries with the notion of being all alone in unfamiliar surroundings.

There are a lot of things that may not be under your control abroad. Things such as food, the hostel, your academic environment or even the local safety for that matter are some of them. That being said, there are indeed certain aspects that you can take care of in order to be safe and secure your mental peace when you are in foreign territory.

Let’s make a note of certain tips and best practices for your studies abroad –

·         Check your passport

The first and arguably the most important tip is to ensure that you have all the essential documents.  The passport is the single most important piece of document when you are in a foreign country.  It is primarily used as an identity proof.  Before embarking on the trip, ensure your passport dates are valid for the period of stay in the country. In case, you are yet to apply for a passport, no need to worry. The passport application process has now become very convenient. You can easily send your application online and receive the passport in a matter of days. Additionally, if you are a frequent traveler abroad, make sure you have sufficient pages in your passport.

·         Know your country

Next, it is important to understand the country you would be residing in. You should try to get acquainted with the local language, culture, and traditions. This will help you find your way if you land yourself in a difficult situation.

·         Get Insurance

Nowadays, student travel insurance has become a must. It is advisable to get an appropriate travel insurance cover taking into consideration the duration and necessities of the trip. Although your health insurance may cover you, there are certain areas that can only be covered by your student travel insurance.  

·         Financial Planning

When it comes to money, it is helpful to carry a certain amount of cash for emergencies. In situation wherein you are not able to get the cash in desired currency, you can always get it at the airport exchange counters. Note that when you are dealing in cash, only conduct business with authorized agents.   One important thing that most people tend to forget is notifying your banks about your foreign study travel. This can cause your credit and debit cards to get blocked. Thus, remember to intimate your bank accordingly. Additionally, if you haven’t activated net banking for your bank account, please do so beforehand since it is the most convenient mode for financial transactions.

When you are abroad for studies, it is vital that you plan your budget diligently. In order to save money, you should utilize public transport whenever possible. This will ensure that you don’t run out of cash during an emergency.

·         Take care of your valuables

Lastly, when it comes to your belongings, it is important that you take care of them against theft or misplacement. When abroad for study, losing an important item such as the passport is the last thing you want. 









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