There are several things that need to be ticked off from the list when you are going to study abroad. When it comes to the US, the things remain the same along with a few more. Arguably, the most important one amongst many is getting international travel insurance before you set off to live the ‘American Dream’. Let’s find out why.

The importance of buying overseas travel insurance when going abroad for studies cannot be understated. The fact that around 30 Indian students were deported because of nonadherence to immigration formalities is a testament to this. It is estimated that there is around 1 lakh, Indian students, pursuing their academics in the US. This is a huge number and makes Indians one of the largest groups of International students studying in America. These points underline the fact that studying abroad, especially the US, is quite popular amongst Indian students. Additionally, we also have a large Indian diaspora residing there.

However, the recent election of Donald Trump as the new president succeeding Barack Obama has raised eyebrows across the globe. From political pundits, leaders, businessmen to the common public, this news has left everyone astounded. This primarily is because of the extreme views that Donald Trump has put forth throughout his presidential campaign causing non-Americans, especially the immigrants, to be worried. Be it building a wall across the Mexican border to prevent illegal entrance or blacklisting several Muslim countries from traveling to America, it has all raised alarms throughout the world. When it comes to India, Trump had delivered a big blow to the IT industry by changing the regulations of the highly coveted H-1B visa that allows foreign nationals to work in America. Although Indian leadership was quick to raise their concerns to their American counterparts and the situation is expected to improve, there is still a lot of skepticism.

Considering the current political scenario in the US, it is vital that a student safeguards himself with travel insurance. To begin with, a robust travel insurance policy is as important as a passport when in a foreign country, if not more. It is the best fail-safe in case of an untoward incident. The most important scenario wherein travel insurance kicks in is during medical emergencies. Generally speaking, an overseas travel insurance package offers coverage in the event of death and physical disablement due to an accident. This is very useful and essential considering that the cost of medical services is very high in western countries. In addition to this, most universities in countries such as US, Canada, and Australia have made it mandatory for students to avail an international student travel insurance policy. These factors make travel insurance an absolute must.

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