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Instant investments: What you should know

Investing in the stock market is fairly easy now. You could buy, sell or watch your investment portfolio at the tap of your mobile phone or click of your mouse on the computer. Gone are those days when you had to go to a broker office and place an order to transact. You heard news about one company or the other and you want to transact on the basis of this information, you could do so instantly now. Not long ago, you would have had to think about the distance to the place where your stock broker was located. Now, the mobile device that you carry with you turns into your stock broker.


The ability to buy or sell shares instantly is important. This is because every transaction is an opportunity.


Here are two ways you could trade instantly with Kotak Securities:


Kotak Stock Trader


Stock Trader (ST) is a free mobile based application which allows you to trade from your mobile phone anywhere, anytime.


This application is for all Kotak Securities online trading customers. Offline customers can use this application for accessing features like tracking the market, creating customized watch-lists, viewing quotes and intraday charts for all shares listed on both National and Bombay Stock exchanges.


For more on KST, click here


Kotak Keat Pro X


If mobile trading is not for you, try KEAT Pro X. This is a high speed trading tool that you can download on your desktop or laptop computer. It allows you to trade and monitor what is happening in the market at a real-time speed. The platform allows you to check live market rates. You can create multiple personalized watch-lists. It also provides buy or sell recommendations on stocks by our team of analysts instantly. You could use this knowledge to place buy or sell orders. 

The platform is powered with many features that make your trading experience faster and easier.


For more on Keat Pro X, click here - 


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