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Can You Drive In America With An International License?


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Going to America for a month-long official trip? Want to drive around the country to explore its diverse sights? Planning to visit relatives in the United States of America and travelling along the coast with them in a car? All the three questions lead to exciting opportunities, especially if you love to travel and drive a car. Just as you need a Driving License to drive a vehicle in India, you need an International Driving License to drive a four-wheeler in America. Read ahead to know details about availing an International Driving License.


What is an International Driving License?


An International Driving License is also known as an International Driving Permit. As the name suggests, it is a permit, a document that allows you to legally drive a vehicle in a foreign land. If you are an Indian resident and you want to drive a car in America, you primarily need to possess an Indian Driving License. The International Driving Permit is a secondary document that needs to be carried with you in addition to a Driving License.


What is an International Driving Permit?


An International Driving Permit is a document that translates information pertaining to your Driving License and your personal details in foreign languages. It facilitates the law enforcement authorities of a foreign country to ensure that you are qualified to drive a vehicle in their land.


An International Driving Permit is slightly larger in size than a passport. It is also a valid identity proof and probably the second-most important identity-related document in a foreign land, first one being your passport. Information pertaining to your address, date of birth, etc. is mentioned in the International Driving Permit. It has the license holder’s photo as well, thus acting as a photo-identity proof. Authorities in the United States of America do not provide an International Driving Permit to foreigners. It needs to be obtained by the visiting foreign national from their home country.


How To Get an International Driving Permit?


The ideal way to get an International Driving Permit is by visiting your local Regional Transport Office. You can visit the same Regional Transport Office that issued your Driving License. Apart from the Regional Transport Office, you can also get an International Driving Permit from Automobile Association of India. You will need to enroll for their membership to do so. They provide a host of benefits including a discount on your vehicle’s insurance premium.


You will be needed to fill an application form at your Regional Transport Office, submit certain documents and pay the processing fee. You need to carry your original Driving License and the International Driving Permit when you visit America. Unilaterally, any of these documents won’t serve the purpose.

If you wish to rent out a car in America, you might want to check the documents needed by them in advance along with their policies. If you plan to go for a permanent Driving License in the United States of America, you will have to get in touch with the motor department of the American state in which you plan to reside. This might take few weeks, even months.


Doing It The Legal Way


Do not fall for petty agents who claim to provide you the International Driving Permit in a matter of days. Scamsters might charge an exorbitant amount for it and can provide a fake document. As an International Driving Permit is an identity-related document, using a fake document can land you in trouble even if you had no intention of doing so. Thus, it is suggested to follow the legal route regarding applying for an International Driving Permit and not get involved in a scam.



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