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Best Investment Options for 2016

Based on one’s financial goals and objectives risk taking appetite, investors in today’s world can choose from a wide range of offerings, preferably by diversifying money across investments. However, it’s important to understand that safe investment options or any kind of investment is subject to risks. Hence people should really aim for a best investment plan that offers a reasonable return and yet not put one’s portfolio at high stake.

Here are some options that might fulfill this objective:

·         IPO

Investing in IPO can be seen to offer promising returns based on the IPO growth in 2016.  The growth of the amount you invest in IPO is quick but this investment plan also requires high risk acceptability. It is the best investment plan for high risk investors looking at term of 2-4 years.


·         Stocks and Bonds

The government of India has been encouraging more and more people to invest in stocks and bonds over time. The new favorable policies and the recovering markets add to the attractiveness of this option.  The year 2016 seems lucrative and the investing in blue chip stocks seems to be the most popular plan.


·         Mutual Funds Investment

Investing in mutual funds through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) will help you grow your financial assets. Mutual funds are being touted as one of the best investment plan in India for the year 2016. However, investing in mutual funds require being up to date with the market activities.


·         Non-Convertible Debentures

Investment in NCD offers high returns but at the same time is a suitable only for high risk investors who are willing to track the activities at each step so as to exit before the company’s performance starts declining.


·         Fixed Deposits

Fixed deposits ensure the safety of the sum invested and are suitable for low risk investors often serving as a high return investment for them depending on the credit profile, interest rate and interest payout frequency.


·         Fixed Deposits in Companies

Company FD schemes are more popular than the ones offered by the banks due to the vast difference in the interest rates. Company fixed deposits is the best investment plan among the two as it offers higher returns with complete safety of your money.


·         Public Provident Fund

With the 80 c exemption limit being raised, PPF looks like the best investment plan in India for 2016. You can invest up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs every year for 15 years at an average interest rate of 8.7% and be exempted from tax on the returns.


With an array of investment options available, you can choose the best investment plan for you depending on your risk acceptability, investment time frame and other factors and exempt yourself from paying vast amounts in Income tax while maintaining a financial stability.

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