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A Guide to Muhurat Trading

Muhurat Trading is a tradition going back many years. It is meant to celebrate the festival of Diwali and is to be done for good fortune during the coming year. What it means for investors is an opportunity to participate in a tradition that has stood the test of time and start the New Year on a positive note. Muhurat Trading is also the perfect time for first-time investors to may forays into the trading market.

For first-time investors, placing your first trades during this auspicious time will ensure a great start to your involvement with the markets. We recommend investing in some selected stocks with a small investment. The small capital that you invested will ensure your entry into the stock markets. The high from this session could be followed by a low, but just like any other investment, take your time to better understand the markets and build your portfolio steadily over a period of time.

However, the majority of investors during this period are veteran investors who regard this as very important and consider it imperative to participate in. As this is time honoured tradition, experienced campaigners will invest in their choice of stocks and funds. Obviously, they base their decision on sound reasoning and understanding of the markets. This is critical to note; even though the air of festivities is around you, the basic approach to investment should not be abandoned. Understand what you’re getting into and make the most out of this auspicious occasion.

It also a great time to seek some help from financial advisors or consultants or brokers to help achieve your goals. Their advice and experience will help you understand the Indian Markets and in turn give you favourable long-term returns. This Diwali, Muhurat Trading will take place on Sunday, November 3rd 2013 from 6:15PM to 7:30PM. Join the trading and investing community in celebrating this joyous occasion.


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