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4 reasons to have a 3-in-1 Online banking account

Of all the gadgets within one’s possession, arguably, the mobile phone has become the most important gadget. From browsing the internet, to conducting important video conferences via the mobile phone, these days having the internet as a standard requirement is no news. With that in mind, the retail world has virtually profited leaps and bounds, particularly the retail gadgets, apparel and furniture industry. Yet, the banking world is not far behind. Ensuring that whoever hits online has a share of the online convenience, many offer attractive schemes and interest rates on online banking facilities. So, how does one differentiate one bank from the rest?

A bank account that does it all

Online banking is offered on all devices from computers to smartphones. Yet, account holders have yearned for the convenience of having everything under one roof, more importantly, under one account. Especially, for an account holder who intends to trade in shares as well as hold a savings account, having an account that caters towards all of these and more is the ideal way to begin. Banks such as Kotak bank do not hesitate in providing the best of services under one roof. Imagine having the convenience of the 3-in-1 online banking account ensures that one has an online account that lends itself to a demat as well as savings account. Let’s take a look on how effective is the 3-in-1 online account


  1.  Bank anywhere, anytime: Online banking offers one of those facilities that ensure you have direct access to your account no matter which location you are present in. When you can access your account from any location, the mobility of your account and your funds ensures a convenience that is by far indispensable.
  2. Savings ensured: You no longer need to stick to one savings scheme, when you have the convenience to move onto fixed deposit plans and other such plans. That is the convenience of an online banking account that facilitates the convenience of selecting the scheme of your choice and beginning that scheme. You no longer need to go to your bank and wait for an appointment with your personal banker to begin the most attractive scheme.
  3. Hassle-free Trading unlimited: With a linked demat account and trading account; you no longer have to worry about funds transfer. Funds can easily be transferred and traded in with an inter-linked demat and trading account. 
  4. 3-in-1: The world of banking convenience is at your fingertips, when you can save money, trade, and transfer funds online without any hassles. That is the convenience offered by this 3-in-1 bank account.

Banks have no limitations in today’s world, when one can easily browse, select, bank and even trade, wherever and whenever they want.


Author Bio & Disclaimer-


Anupama Sughosh, an independent finance blogger who loves writing about the rise and fall in the world of finance, banking, general industry trends and corporate sustainability. She holds a rich experience of working with corporates such as KPMG as well as institutions such as TISS, her articles share insights from the individual and the corporate perspective.

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