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A skilled writer and an ardent blogger, Sampurna Majumder loves creativity and challenges. She has been providing her expertise to the world of new media for over a year now by penning articles and posts for various real estate websites that cover all kinds of information about real estate.

Offices Spaces in Bangalore are Good Bet for Commercial Property Investment

The vast expanse of office spaces in Bangalore have been the biggest grosser of the city’s commercial market. Investments in this sector can turn out to be some of the best investment bets. Read on to know more.   Real Estate has always been one of the best opportunities for investments. For majority, real estate investment always implied residential property market. Does this mean that commercial segment is not really valued in terms of investments? Well, not really. Growth in commercial realty is an indicator of the development of the economy.   Major Indian cities do offer ample options in commercial...
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5 Tips that can lead to a Fruitful Real Estate Investment in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the Indian cities which was least affected by the economic slowdown that the entire nation has faced. And with the stabilization of markets, the city has become one of the favorite destinations where investors like to put their money. The following 5 tips can help you in making a fruitful investment in Hyderabad. Introduction Investing in the realty market has been a rewarding asset even in the slow economic times. The rate of returns may have gone down but investing in this sector still remains the safest option.  Hyderabad with its booming IT sector and being an...
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