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How Does Your Credit Score Affect Your Loan Application

When you submit your loan application to a financial institution or a bank, your current credit score plays a significant role for the loan getting sanctioned or rejected. Read on to know more.Do you understand how the system of credit rating or score works? Are you aware of what a personal credit report is all about? Well, if you don’t, this article will answer all your questions. Understanding the importance of maintaining a good credit rating can do wonders for your loan application. Here’s all you need to know:What is a Credit Score?A credit score is nothing but a statistical function...
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What You Should Know If You Are Paying Pre-EMI on Home Loan

  Have you figured out if you are paying Pre-EMI or EMI for your housing loan? If not, then it is high time you understood the difference between the two. When you are taking a loan to purchase an under-construction property, you might not notice if you are paying Pre-EMI or EMI for the loan amount. You know that you have to pay a certain amount of money every month either to your lender or to the bank. Some lenders may provide you with the flexibility of paying EMI after you get possession of the house. While this may be a...
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