1) Manager/ Senior Manager: The role of a manager is growing important with each passing day. As management is a key component of MBA curriculum, making it to the position of manager a logical choice for MBA graduate looking to enhance their career prospects.

2) Investment Banker: A very traditional and lucrative career for B-school graduates is to select the financial line and work as an investment banker. Investment banking is a high pressure but satisfying job of raising capital and advising others on acquisitions.

3) Consultant: A B-school teaches you to use your specialised knowledge to solve business problems. You can work in a consultancy firm or a freelancer. Consultants are well paid and a respected lot. An MBA can help establish your expertise and business credibility in the case of freelancing, or be a requirement to entry in the case of a consultancy firm.

4) Analyst: Going through the rigours of a B-school curriculum, your analytical skills would be enhanced by examining case studies and gaining lot of finance knowledge. All this translates into great preparation for an analyst job. Not only are analysts sought-after but they work to determine opportunities and problems.

5) Entrepreneur: Another interesting option is to put your theoretical knowledge into practice. With the business knowledge gained in MBA institutes, entrepreneurs are putting theory into practice what they have learned on their own terms - by piloting their own ship. Though you will have the freedom to work on your own terms and concepts, there is a certain uncertainty that make it a risky venture.