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This is in reference to the suggestion (approved by Team DG) on sharing and vali****** one's understanding of level 2 LOSs. Participants may volunteer to take up LOS that they would present. Team DG has kindly agreed to review the correctness of the presentation.

I found the approach quite useful and efficient in acquiring and disseminating Business domains kniowledge for IT projects.

I am awaiting the curriculum to arrive in 5-7 days and would start with economics or corporate finance depending on what I find myself comfortable with.

I hope we all understand the spirit, but I'd still reiterate that understanding presentation needs to be in the presenter's words in as condensed form that it saves time of the members reading it but does not compromise on completeness. Ofcourse, one must try to mention points that one found useful in understanding and the doubts that one still has.

Great Initiative Anil!

Keep it up...