Musk announces the establishment of a facility in Berlin as the Model Y drives Europe’s electric vehicle sales to new highs

Elon Musk has stated that Tesla Model Y electric crossover, that has aided Europe in reaching a new all-record high in the battery-electric vehicle sales, is going to begin rolling off the production line of the company’s new Berlin Gigafactory next month. Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated during a visit to the Brandenburg site that he hopes German authorities would approve the new EV facility after the latest phase of public consultations ends on October 14.

Musk stated the beginning of manufacturing at the factory, which was slowed by public concerns about environmental effects, was welcome, but that ramping up production would take time. The event included a festival-style “Giga Fest,” which included Tesla coils emitting the electric currents to the electronic music’s beat. Musk told visitors (some of whom live-streamed the speech) during the festival event, “Starting production is fantastic, but volume manufacturing is the hard part.” “It is going to take longer to achieve volume production than it did to construct the factory.”

“We can create as many electric vehicles here as were delivered in the European Union last year,” said a sign during the event. As per a sign uploaded on Twitter, a new Model Y bodywork will be stamped every 45 seconds at the factory, which incorporates gigantic die-cast “Giga Press” equipment.

Musk amended the statement, adding that if the business can maintain an average uptime of 75%, 10,000 Model Ys may be produced every week at Giga Berlin. According to reports, Tesla’s production rate prompted VW Group Chief Executive Officer Herbert Diess as well as VW brand Chief Executive Officer Ralf Brandstätter to convene an emergency conference with 120 managers, according to Alex Voigt, an electric car writer who was part of the event.

VW is concerned, according to sources, that Tesla can build a car 3 times greater than VW can in Zwickau (10 hours against 30 hours), and that when the Berlin gigafactory starts operations, it will be unable to compete on volume. Tesla is already outselling the German auto manufacturers in Europe when it comes to electric vehicle sales.

Western Europe set a new high for battery-electric car sales in September, accounting for 15.3 percent of all vehicles sold, or about 136,000 new electric vehicles. The recent debut of Tesla Model Y, that is being delivered to the European region from China as Californian Electric vehicle maker works toward completion of its Brandenburg manufacturing near Berlin, was cited by auto expert Matthias Schmidt.

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