Holyfield Takes A Beating On His Return To Boxing In Debut De Trump

Evander Holyfield’s return to the ring was not what was expected. The former heavyweight champion was defeated miserably by former UFC champion Vitor Belfort by a brutal KO just in the first round of the exhibition match.

Former United States President Donald Trump.
Donald Trump is serious about boxing: “I would KO Joe Biden in just a few seconds”
The 58-year-old ex-boxer could not recover his powerful blows or his resistance that made him one of the best in the world, in a fight that only lasted 1:49 minutes of the first round .

After a first burst of blows that sent him to the canvas, in the second attack the MMA one was lethal for the ex-boxer . Holyfield went against the ropes after an energetic combination of blows from Belfort that he couldn’t respond to … nor could he recover from.

The 44-year-old MMA fighter did not give his rival a choice in the less than two minutes that the fight lasted … and Donald Trump’s comments at his premiere behind the microphones, one of the main attractions of the fight , from that the presence of the former US president be announced until a few months ago.

Massive chants of “WE LOVE TRUMP” and “SPEECH” erupt at the Holyfield vs. Belfort boxing match for President Trump. People adore it. pic.twitter.com/LmeLzrDt5V

– James Nava (@JamesNavaCom) September 12, 2021
The former 45th president of the United States announced earlier in the week that he would take part in the event at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Florida and the public responded in the best way. Shouts of “we love Trump” and “speech” , asking for a few words from the former leader, were heard on several occasions, in addition to having been seen on the advertising posters of the event.

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