Poeta, Chess Player And The Desire To Be The Villain

“I’ve gotten out.” This is how Oriol Tarrasón would title his biography , given that he is “quite at peace with life,” as he told Diari El Jardi . But perhaps the subtitle was much longer, since this 52-year-old actor just turned (on September 3) seems like a Renaissance humanist, as Vanitatis points out , because he has not stopped participating in almost all artistic fields.

The mysteries of Laura
Born in Barcelona, ​​Tarrasón has just finished his participation in the series Amar es para siempre , where he has played the military man Abel, a character who, despite his rectitude, has ended up conquering the audience of the Antena 3 desktop soap opera , no only because of his love story with Estefanía, but because his savoir faire before the cameras has made this one of the key characters to understand her life.

“Thanks to all the team, technical, artistic and of course the public. See you next time!”, He commented in one of his latest posts on his Instagram ( where he has almost 20,000 followers ), as well as saying goodbye to decorated with a “some enter and others leave; like life itself, go”.

A life that, in fact, did not seem made for him, since he does not even remember the day he decided to be an actor. “I liked going to the theater, but it didn’t cross my mind, I was very shy,” he assured the aforementioned Catalan newspaper. In fact, he didn’t dive headfirst as soon as he came of age to study acting, but chose another degree with some difference.

He began to study Philosophy and meanwhile, he had a music group called Dos Passos, where he was the guitarist and in which two of its six members were his brothers. With them he went on to perform several concerts and they came to record an album, REIM , with the Uràntia Records company in 1993. Some of his songs were called Fins A Rebentar, No Tocar La Terra or L’Ultima Calada De John Galvis.

But in third year everything changed, and neither Kierkegaard nor punk stopped him when he discovered his true vocation: “I remember conversations about theater in the college bar. I liked the experience of a small three-month course , from one day to another. the week … And that’s why I decided to do the tests at the Institute “.

He refers to the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, which he entered leaving his other studies and from which he would graduate in 1994. In a talk with El Periódico he testified that he did the internship and they caught him but that “if they had not done it, it would not have been actor “, because he gets stressed” a lot during castings “.

In the theater he made his debut as an actor in 1998, under the command of Ricard Salvat, in the play To the jungle of cities , by Bertolt Brecht, and the following year he moved to Paris to study acting with Jack Garfein , a key figure in creation from the Actor’s Studio in New York.

However, he had already made his debut as a playwright in 1995 with the play El punzón siamese . Another artistic facet that he combines with his work in the artistic direction, production and adaptation of the theater company Les Antonietes, with which he has obtained several successes, being several finalists of the critical awards of the performing arts.

“In the theater I am the director and the producer, I decide what I want to do, how to do it. It is about expressing more things than a single character. A character is an idea, which is true that it can have many layers, but in the theater When I direct, I’m defending each of the roles with an aesthetic proposal. It’s like it gives you something else, although I always carry the illusion with me, “he explained in El Periódico .

To this must be added that he also painted (“my father painted very well and, at home, you always end up imitating your father,” he said, as well as that he no longer draws “almost never”) and, during the time of the flowering of the blogs, he also had one dedicated to poetry: drowning in a glass has merit .

In some verses he assures “Neither life is beautiful, / nor poetry is / made for that.” “A virtuoso of poetry”, in his words. In addition, he declares himself a fan of the crime novel (being one of his favorites Georges Simenon) and a regular chess player.

All this plays, of course, in his favor when it comes to flirting, because he has a reputation as a ladyboy, although given the secrecy with which he leads his private life, it is not even known if he has a partner. He even had to go out to clarify that a photograph that he uploaded to Instagram kissing with the also actress Mamen Camacho was part of the promotion of the work House of dolls .

Precisely on Instagram is where you can better follow the track, not only of his family side, with his nephews and their pets, but also and above all of his filming, especially now that he has given the followers of the series a joy Laura’s mysteries when posting a photograph in which she appears along with the other two protagonists of the fiction on her return: María Pujalte and Laura Pamplona. He, of course, will play Martín again.

Despite the success and the good reception of other productions in which he has participated, such as Six Sisters , Bandolera, El knot or Señoras del (h) AMPA, he acknowledged to Diez Minutos that he had a thorn in his head: “I think they have never offered me to be the villain of the story, but I would like to “.

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