Best Kitchen Thermometers For The Oven

The kitchen oven provides several advantages : for example, nutrients are better preserved and enhanced food taste is. The doubt arises when you are not completely sure what temperature the food has to reach so that it is just right and it is possible to enjoy a delicious dish, especially if we are going to prepare a meat and we do not want it to be dry or cooked in excess. Luckily, there is an accessory that is very practical for this type of situation and for which we can easily reserve a space in the kitchen: we are talking about oven thermometers.

Oven thermometers: how they work
In the case of digital models, which are the ones we have chosen for this article, their operation is quite similar. They are equipped with a probe with a cable that must be attached to the thermometer , so that when we insert the probe into the food that is being cooked, the screen reflects the temperature it registers in real time. In addition, there is the option of programming this value so that when the food has reached it, we are notified through an acoustic signal. It is also common for them to include a timer function and a memory with several preset temperatures that we can use as a reference to prepare different types of meat.

What oven thermometers have we chosen?
The following selection is made up of these models: Cocoda DT-108 (9), Lacor 62498 (8), ThermoPro TP04 (9) and Umi Essentials (8.5). They have been valued from the analysis of the following aspects:

– Design: not from an aesthetic point of view, but from the quality of construction and materials of the main structure. Plastic predominates in all of them, but the quality of some is better than that of others.

–     Probe: how is this probe and its quality? Does the cable that connects to the thermometer tend to get tangled?

– Performance: if the kitchen thermometer meets our needs and works correctly.

– Final result: if after using it, the food has been cooked well.

What is the best kitchen thermometer? This is how we have tested them
Over the course of several weeks, we have used each of these four models in the elaboration of various recipes where we have mainly cooked different meats. Thus, we have checked how each of them works and the final result of the recipe, always guided by the temperatures that we previously selected. In this way, when the meat reached this value, the kitchen thermometer warned us that the dish was ready to eat.

There has been a double tie between the Cocoda DT-108 and ThermoPro TP04 models. In fact, they have obtained identical evaluations in each of the fields analyzed. They are equated not only in manufacturing quality (they are the best) but also in the measurement of temperatures and the final result of the dish.

Cocoda DT-108 oven cooking thermometer
Available in orange, it immediately catches your eye. Not so much because of the tonality that bathes the structure but because it has the particularity of being able to be used with two probes at the same time . It is its main claim, especially if we take into account that it is the cheapest option in the comparison.

It has been, on the other hand, one of the models that responds faster (together with the ThermoPro TP04 device) when monitoring the registered temperature and it is appreciated that the manufacturer has incorporated an automatic shutdown function. In this way, if after 10 minutes of inactivity the thermometer does not detect anything, it will turn off with the added advantage of saving on battery and extending the useful life of its two AAA batteries.

Switching between thermometer and timer modes is very easy from the ‘Mode’ option. In addition, it has different preset temperatures for different types of meat and adds a specific option for us to establish our own values.

Our choice I
Features a magnetic design on the back and a bracket that folds down to attach to a horizontal surface. The LCD screen is backlit and is one of the best we’ve tested.

ThermoPro TP04 Oven Cooking Thermometer

This digital model works with a triple AAA battery that is included . It is made of plastic (its quality is high) and has a design of rectangular lines in which an LCD screen stands out that looks very good thanks to its size: just over six centimeters wide and four centimeters high. Meanwhile, on the back it incorporates a pair of magnets to fix it to a metal surface (it adheres very well), a hole in case we want to hang it on the wall and a small folding support to leave it comfortably, for example, on the kitchen counter.

The quality of the probe seems correct to usand the cable, which is approximately one meter long, is prepared to withstand very high temperatures as expected. We can forget, on the other hand, the annoying entanglements.

It admits both degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit (in fact, it has a button that allows you to change between one measurement and another) and incorporates a practical countdown timer that alerts us through an acoustic signal when it reaches zero: both the hours and the minutes are selected from the controls located below your digital panel. The function in charge of measuring the temperature of the food is located next to this timer. In this regard, setting the desired temperature is intuitive.

Our choice II
The device has been provided with a memory that houses the preset temperature of different kinds of meat (pork, poultry, ham, etc.) and a timer function.

Umi Essentials Oven Cooking Thermometer
From a design point of view, it shares the same aesthetics with the ThermoPro TP04 oven thermometer and as its opponent it has a folding support to place it on a horizontal flat surface , a hole if we decide to hang it on the wall and a magnetic support to fix it. on a metal surface. Thus, the first contact is good. For its part, the probe works as expected and the quality of its finish conveys a feeling of good quality and resistance.

Regarding its operation, the task of controlling the internal temperature reached by the food has been just as simple as the rest: at a glance it is possible to see what the temperature is at that precise moment and what figure we have selected as the temperature objective. In case of doubt, we can always resort to the six temperatures that its memory stores by default (everything will depend on the type of meat we cook). Once the food reaches the indicated temperature, the alarm is activated to inform us of this. The countdown timer function is also not missing .

The alternative and best value for money
It is quick to display the values ​​it registers and the meats cook quite well from the suggested settings.

Kitchen thermometer for oven Lacor 62498
One of the most practical features it offers is the temperature alarm function , that is, it alerts us when the food reaches the temperature that we have previously indicated on the thermometer. Now, the configuration of this option is not as intuitive as we would have liked, so the first few times you have to use the instruction manual until you memorize the steps to follow to activate it correctly.

The rest of the features are quite similar to other kitchen thermometers in its category and the experience of use was quite positive , since it generally complies with what one expects to obtain from an accessory of this type. It also has in its favor that in its memory it saves the settings for different types of food, up to 15. On the other hand, the design seems successful in terms of size and weight. That it is folding is another point to highlight. However, in terms of quality there are other proposals that seem better to us.

Another very practical alternative
The manufacturer has been able to make good use of the size of the screen when displaying the most relevant information. The probe measures 18 centimeters and is powered by two AAA batteries.

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