Madame de Rosa Breaks Into Tears After Receiving A Wave Of Criticism

Madame de Rosa has burst into tears this Sunday due to the wave of criticism she has received after the publication of her last photo. “For being thin it seems that I have killed someone,” he said.

“I am not feeling well,” he began explaining. “Yesterday I published a photo of me, how I am, how I dress, my face, my body and I have received brutal comments about my physique.”

“Better to dress more covered so that the extreme thinness is not seen”, “it gave me grief” , “not to show off bones!”, “This type of photos with such extreme thinness should not allow it, it is not a good example” , are some of the messages you have received.

“I’m sick of being told that because my body is thin it is not a real body. What is my body, from science fiction? Why, because I do not have fat tits? Because I do not have curves? Well with these tits small I gave to suckle my son six months “, has declared.

Her colleagues from social networks such as Dulceida , Anita Matamoros or Lola Indigo , have wanted to show her their support and affection through very close comments in the publication.

Finally, he took the opportunity to thank those people who did put “nice things on him and put a bit of sanity on the shit that’s written there.”

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