IAG Is Already Less Than 3% Away From Returning To elEconomista Portfolio

There are occasions, like this one, in which the market, due to its low volatility, does not open great opportunities to carry out buying or selling operations. This is what is happening right now with La Cartera de elEconomista , the active management tool proposed by this medium. With positions in eight stocks, those that are positive are still far from accumulating returns that make it worthwhile to place a stop that protects those benefits.

Saving Cellnex Telecom, which is just over 6% away from crossing the level that would sell it and which ensures a profit of approximately 35%. In the rest of securities, for the moment, despite the fact that there are losses, it has not been decided to place stopsthat limit them since they continue to trust that firms such as Ence or ACS will rebound strongly as they consider themselves excessively punished.

Likewise, there are two companies on radar. These are Santander , which has a purchase price of 2.95 euros , and IAG , which was sold at 1.85 and seeks to buy it back 20 cents lower , at 1.65 euros. Little by little, the Anglo-Spanish airline is approaching that level and this week it has already reached 2.94% of it , falling to 1.70 euros at the end of Friday, in a week in the 6.4% of its market capitalization has been left behind.

Despite the context of weakness that may exist around a sector such as airlines, so exposed to mobility and tourism, the heavy punishment that firms such as IAG have received on the stock market make them attractive and more so in a context in which trips will progressively recover as vaccination progresses and infections decrease.

Thus, IAG receives a purchase recommendation from three out of four analysis houses that follow it while granting it an upside potential of more than 50% by setting its 12-month target price at 2.66 euros, according to picks up Bloomberg . Joan Cabrero, Ecotrader advisor, sets the targets at 3.6 euros and then 5 euros per share, “which is where it was trading before the Covid crisis.”

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