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Looking for a Career in the Asset Management Industry? - 2

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Is the rise in global commodity prices a short term aspect?


It is not easy to predict short term movements in commodities but in a way, rising commodity prices are a reflection of longer term trend where a vast population from China, India and Africa starts consuming and give an upward push to demand and prices.


How does the Euro zone crisis affect the markets in India?


The direct effect of euro zone crisis on Indian economy is quite less but it does affect the financial market sentiments. On the whole we don’t think it’ll have a significant impact on Indian markets over medium term.


 Which sectors are you bullish on or which sectors would you avoid in 2011? Are there any particular themes that look appealing to you this year?


We are positive on financial services, positive on Information Technology (IT) space and positive on Pharma Sector. I would say Real Estate is something which one can still avoid.


What are the near term Kotak AMC's Growth Strategies?


We are always looking to grow by reviewing our product mix and the changing business dynamics.


Do you think the issue of entry load in mutual fund industry would be taken up by Mr. U K Sinha?


It is difficult to anticipate regulatory actions.



What steps do you suggest that a retail investor should take in order to select an appropriate mutual fund for his/her portfolio?


Frankly, a retail investor should ensure that he has a basic asset allocation strategy in place and has exposure to equity. A retail investor can choose a mutual fund rather than investing directly in stocks. This is because they either lack the knowledge and expertise or do not have adequate time to do the required research. Based on the track record of the mutual fund scheme, fund manager and risk appetite of the investor, a retail investor could judge the right fit.


How can a finance student make a career in the field of Asset Management?


I think essentially to make a career in the Asset Management Industry, one can look forward for the following profiles:

  • Equity Analyst
  • Debt Analysts
  • Fund Managers
  • Distributor

 If someone seriously is looking at pursuing career in Mutual Fund Sales, then one has to understand the asset allocation rules, asset allocation strategies, economic & company research and valuation techniques


What form of Certifications would add benefit to a Student to make a career in Asset Management?


For a Fund Manager, I think Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) would probably help for a career and if one looks at the Sales as a career, Certified Financial Planner (CFP) would also benefit.


What is the most important learning from the global financial crisis in 2008?


The major cause has been excessive leverage in the financial systems across the globe, especially the developed world. This led to a dip in economic growth in the world and so we should be cautious about running excessive leverages. A lower leveraged entity can withstand a crisis far better than a highly leveraged entity.


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