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Role of a Demat Account in Buying and Selling of Shares

Traditionally, investors used to hold physical certificates of shares. However, physical share certificates carried numerous risks such as loss, theft, and bad delivery, among others. With the advancement of technology, transactions are now done through a dematerialization account. About dematerialization account According to the guidelines of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the regulator for the securities market in India, investors can no longer transact shares in the physical form at the BSE and NSE exchanges. This, therefore, indicates that a dematerialization account is mandatory for the purchase and sale of shares. A Dematerialization account, also known as a demat...
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How to Hold Your Shares in Digital Format

The stock market is considered as a lucrative investment option. To add to the convenience and ease of trading, investors can invest online and manage their portfolio. Earlier, investors had to manage physical certificates and the entire process of buying and selling of shares took place through stock market brokers. It is now possible to maintain the shares in an electronic format. The process of transferring the physical certificates into a digital or an electronic form is known as dematerialization. Investors are required to open a demat account with the bank and the account can be used for multiple security transactions....
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