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Pros and Cons of Self Driving Cars

Road accidents are one of the major causes of death in the world, killing approximately 3,000 people every day. In most cases the driver is at fault; however, other factors such as potholes, unfavorable weather, faulty car mechanics etc. also contribute to such mishaps. To reduce the rate of accidents, automobile companies and engineers have come up with the ingenious idea of self-driving cars! However, does AI controlled driving with no human intervention guarantee road safety? Let's find out. Pros Computer - an ideal motorist We already know how efficient computers can be with complex calculations and so they can actually...
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Are You Comparing Car Insurance Quotes Smartly?

Car insurance is one of the smartest moves that should be taken immediately after you drive your luxury home. It is treacherous to drive a car without getting it insured as distress and troubles related to it can surface at any moment. This often leads to heavy loss and asset deformation. Car insurance is the savior in such cases, through which you can get everything done right from all sorts of minor to major cases. Insurance policies offered by various companies in the market are featured with their own pros and cons, so it is advisable to go in subtle detail...
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