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New Age Banking - Simplest and Easiest Way to Pay Utility Bills on Time

While easy access to numerous products and services offer numerous benefits, it also brings about the added responsibility of making all utility payments on time. There was a time when utility payments consisted of paying the telephone and electricity bill before the due date.


Today, one needs to keep a track of payments for prepaid and postpaid mobile services, DTH services, gas connections, loans and credit cards, insurance policies, magazine subscriptions, and a lot more. This is where New Age banking services provided by reputed bankers can make a huge difference to your lives.


Utility Payments - Past and Today


In the past, paying utility bills involved keeping track of weekdays, joining the line early, and hoping that the payments will be processed quickly. Multiple payments would take an entire day, if not more, and one would have no option but to postpone all other tasks until the task of making utility payments was out of the way.


Today, all you need is an Internet connection and an internet-banking activated account to pay mobile bill, recharge DTH,and clear all other bills from the comforts of your house. In fact, mobile banking allows you to pay bills even on the go. Online bill payment involves nothing more than a few clicks of the mouse or a few taps on the touch screen, with instant debit of the amount from your account, and immediate generation of proof of payment.


Options to Pay Utility Bills Online


Today, banks offer multiple online bill payment options for their customers. One option is to log on to the website of the utility service provider and make the payment through your online banking account. While this option was popular in the past, the fact that one has to maintain multiple accounts with different user ids and passwords is a drawback.


The other option is to submit the bill details on the online banking site, confirm the payment amount, and make the payment through your bank account. This option is convenient as you can avoid registration procedures and simply proceed ahead to the payment. On the flip side, you will need to submit the details of the biller, including your account number, every time you want to make a payment.


Another popular option for those who wish to make payments onlineis the one where you register your bills in your online banking account. Once registered, you can make payment with the click of a button.


You can also setup an autopay feature where payment for a new bill will be automatically deducted from your banking account before the due date. While one-time registration is a hassle, the fact that bill payments will be deducted automatically is a huge advantage. 


Irrespective of the option you choose, the era of standing in line waiting for the bill counter to open has become a thing of the past. Just make sure you have activated the online banking feature to clear multiple payments before the due date without even having to look up from your computer monitor. 



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