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Importance of Cardiac Care and Cancer Care Insurance

If you are planning to buy a health insurance plan, heart and cancer insurance plans are worth considering. The past few decades have witnessed a rapid increase in heart ailments and cancer, which are largely attributed to one’s lifestyle. As per latest statistical estimates, the prevalence of lifestyle diseases in India is increasing rapidly. One out of four Indians is at the risk of developing cardiovascular ailments or cancer before the age of 70.

Given the high incidences of cardiac ailments and cancer, cardiac and cancer care insurance have emerged into the spotlight. The treatments costs for cancer and heart disease is extremely high. Hence regular health insurance policies fall short of meeting the financial implications of such ailments. However, unlike regular health insurance plans, a cardiac care insurance plan or a cancer care insurance plan provides comprehensive coverage at all stages of heart ailments and cancer. Even a six-month cancer treatment can set you back by 10 to 20 Lakhs. Similarly, heart surgery costs can be anywhere between 5-30 lakhs depending on the type of treatment, location and hospital. Indeed such expenses can completely deplete your hard-earned savings, which is why taking up standalone health insurance policies such as cardiac care insurance and cancer care insurance makes perfect sense.

These insurance plans offer a large coverage up to 75 Lakhs or more for heart disease or cancer. Additionally, these plans also double-up as life cover plans. The beneficiaries will receive the entire sum assured if the insured dies during the policy term.

Cancer and cardiac care insurance plans are specially designed to meet the high costs related to the treatment of cancer or heart ailments. Some plans also give you the freedom to cover both the diseases under a single plan. In case of cancer, treatment costs even for the initial stages will be covered by giving out a lump sum to the policyholder. Additionally, these plans don’t have the requirement of seeking treatment from a network hospital. You are free to seek treatment from the doctor and hospital of your choice. You will receive the lump sum payment on the diagnosis of either disease. This is a huge advantage as compared to regular health insurance policies as they usually meet the treatment cost on reimbursement basis which may have sub-limits such as doctor’s fees, room rent etc.

Clearly, cancer and cardiac care insurance plans have an edge over regular health insurance plans when it comes to specialized care against heart and cancer. Yet, they only cover specific ailments, so you need to consider your health risks carefully before making the final purchase decision.


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