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How to pick the right used car

Picking a used car can be tricky. When Naresh decided to buy a used car, he did not carry out a thorough check. So, he ended up with a car that he needed servicing every few months. His brother Suresh was smarter. Suresh bought his car through a verified used-car dealer. He also ran his own checks and the vehicle is as good as a new.

If you are planning to buy a used car, take a look at the tips mentioned below. You will get a fair idea about how to select a good used car.

Checklist for buying a used car

·         Inspect the car: This is the first and most important step. Check the car’s brakes, tyres and dashboard to ensure they all work well. Make sure all the buttons and gadgets function correctly. Look under the vehicle and check for oil leaks. Inspect the body of the car to locate dents and scratches. Carry out these checks irrespective of who you are buying the car from; including a verified dealer, friend, or a stranger. This can help you find the right used car.   

·         Test drive: Go on a test drive. Some cars suit you and some do not. So, get behind the wheels and take it for a spin. See how it feels to drive the car; is the driving smooth or is there some resistance? Does the vehicle towards one side? Buy the car only if you are completely satisfied after driving it.

·         Legal records: This is an important check to carry out before buying a used car. Make sure the car you are buying is not involved in any legal dispute or was in an accident. Check that the previous owners were law-abiding citizens. Also, check the insurance papers to see if the premiums were paid on time and that there are no dues. Not doing this can eventually make you liable for all the mishaps and dues once the vehicle is transferred to your name.

·         Verified seller: A good tip is to buy your car through a verified used-car dealer like the Online Car Store from Tata Capital. As this is a reputed brand name, all the vehicles listed here are verified and checked. So, you get models that are in good condition and that have all the right documents.

·         Price: You must take the price of the used car into consideration before you buy it. The main reason for buying a used car is to get the vehicle at a cheaper price. If the price is too high, you may as well buy a new car. So, keep the price tag in mind when you look for the right used car.

·         Suitable: Keep your main needs in mind at all times. Do you need a used car to practice your driving skills? Or, do you want an SUV to drive long distances? Do you want a family car to travel from point to point on a daily basis? Keep these points in mind and you will end up with the right used car.

The bottom line


Remember these tips and you will be able to pick the right used car with ease. Once you find the right car, apply for a suitable used-car loan and you will be one more step closer to owning a vehicle. 

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