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Here's How You Could Find the Right Hatchback on Tata Capital's Online Car Store

The demand for used cars in India has seen an exponential growth in the last few years. This is because such vehicles offer good value for money.  A large number of dealers provide a wide range of pre-owned models from different brands. In addition, such used cars are well-maintained and reliable, which further boosts the demand for these.

A quick and easy way to search for the right hatchback is to check online. Tata Capital offers an online car store where you may compare various models and brands. Here are four popular hatchbacks listed on the store.

1.    Maruti Suzuki Alto

This car comes with a 796 cc engine with five gears. With a fuel tank capacity of 35 liters, you may enjoy a mileage of over 14 kilometers per liter (kmpl). It is also available with an air conditioner and child lock system.

2.    Hyundai i10 Magna

This model of the i10 entails a four-cylinder in-line petrol engine with five gears. The car gives an average mileage of around 20 kmpl with a 35-liter fuel tank capacity. In addition, the i10 Magna offers child lock system and power windows with an air conditioner.

3.    Maruti Suzuki Swift

The five-gear car comes with a four-cylinder DDis Diesel engine. It offers a high fuel tank capacity of 42 liters and mileage exceeding 25 kmpl. This model offers features, such as child lock, remote central locking, and speed sensing door lock systems.

4.    Nissan Micra XL CVT

The Micra is a three-cylinder petrol engine car with continuously variable transmission (CVT) gears. The 41-liter fuel tank capacity provides an average mileage of 19 kmpl. This model comes with child lock, engine immobilizer, and remote central locking system.

To meet the rising demand for pre-owned vehicles, lending companies across the country provide car loans to buyers. One of these lenders includes Tata Capital that offers loans both online and offline. Visiting the branch is advantageous because you may interact with a representative. However, applying online also has several benefits.

Searching for the right hatchback on the Tata Capital online store is simple. Here are two ways you may shortlist the cars to make the accurate choice.

1.    Budget

The online portal lists a large number of vehicles from over 2,000 dealers from across the country. You may easily compare the prices and features of different cars to make the right choice based on your financial situation. In addition, you would find the amount you may avail of as a loan on the various models listed on the portal.




2.    Car’s age and distance traveled

In most cases, a Tata Capital car loan is available only if the vehicle is less than five years old. To ensure you meet this eligibility criterion you may shortlist vehicles based on the age. Furthermore, you may refine the search based on the total kilometers that have been driven.


The online portal also allows you to search through the car listings on several other parameters. You may search for the right hatchback based on your preferences of specific manufacturers, transmission, and fuel types.

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