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Guide to Chronic Management Program

In this modernized age, the number of lifestyle diseases is on the rise. The World Health Organization (WHO), in one of its reports, has stated that chronic diseases are the leading cause of disability as well as death in India. Such diseases include asthma, mental disorders, and cardiovascular disorders, among others. The report goes on to say that, the rise of chronic illnesses will continue in India over the next 25 years.

Understanding chronic illnesses

Any illness or disease that persists for a long time, say three months or more, is termed to be a chronic disease. The risk of contracting a chronic illness generally increases with age.

In order to protect yourself financially against such chronic illnesses, it is imperative to invest in a health plan. There are numerous insurers, who provide health insurance for chronic diseases. Such health policies provide financial coverage in an event of hospitalization. You, therefore, do not have to make any out-of-pocket expenses towards the medical bills associated with chronic illnesses. You may, therefore, consider purchasing such a policy over and above your private health insurance policy.

Following are four major advantages of enrolling in a chronic management program.

  1. Offers coverage for medical expenses

Healthcare costs are increasing by the day. Given the riding medical inflation in the country, it is only obvious that being treated for a chronic illness may burn a huge hole in your pocket. You may have to scamper around seeking funds or may have to tap your life savings to meet medical expenses. To avoid such a situation, it is wise to invest in a chronic disease management program. Such a policy offers coverage against numerous expenses such as medical consultation, pharmacy costs, and diagnostic tests, among others.

  1. Provides hospitalization cover

Chronic diseases may require hospitalization. The good news is that such a policy offers hospitalization cover too. While selecting from among numerous insurance providers, you may select the one that offers the lowest waiting period. Some health insurance providers allow you to enjoy the benefits of a chronic disease management program merely 30-90 days from the beginning of the policy date.

  1. Offers the expertise of wellness coaches

Wellness coaches help individuals in taking care of their health and wellness. This helps in enhancing your overall well-being. They help you achieve your physical as well as emotional health goals, thereby helping you overcome your chronic illness with ease. Wellness coaches also offer suggestions and tips that help you make better choices that fit your lifestyle. In order to avail of the expertise of wellness coaches, you may opt for a health insurance provider that offers such a benefit.

  1. Offers coverage against a wide range of chronic illnesses

By purchasing a health insurance for chronic diseases, you may enjoy coverage against a wide range of illnesses. These include asthma, hypertension or high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia or high cholesterol, and diabetes, among others. You may refer to the list of chronic illnesses covered by various insurers and select the one that is most suitable as per your needs.

A chronic management program provides the much-needed financial protection during times you need it the most. By purchasing such a policy over your existing health plan, you may enjoy widespread benefits thereby marching towards a healthy you.

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