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Don’t Get Locked, Generate Card Pin Instantly!

With a debit card in your hand, you can buy stuff, pay bills, and withdraw cash without having to make repeated visits to your bank. However, this also means anybody who holds your debit card can use your funds without any restrictions whatsoever.

To minimize risk of such unauthorized transactions, banks have made it mandatory for all debit card transactions to be confirmed by the card’s PIN. While this is a great move from the security point of view, it also means you need to keep remember your PIN every time you want to make a payment through the card.


Forgetting Your PIN—A Shameful Experience

You have just completed the purchase of your monthly provisions. The store is filled with customers and there is a long line of people in front of the checkout counter. You proceed to pay the bill only to discover that you have forgotten your PIN. Too many wrong entries and your card will get locked.

You cannot take too much time to remember your PIN because people behind you are waiting to get on with their other chores. From requests asking you to hurry up to snide remarks about your account balance—forgetting your PIN can quickly get transformed into an embarrassing experience. 

Or, worse, what if you forget the PIN after you have consumed the service? The petrol has been filled in your car or your family has eaten the food that you had ordered, and you discover to your horror that you don’t remember your debit card PIN. You will either have to beg a stranger to help you out or request your family to stay put until you arrange some cash and make the payment.

Your office colleagues are unlikely to be impressed when they discover that you have forgotten your PIN just when it is time to pay for your promotion party. Chances are high that your colleagues will never accept a party invitation from you ever again.

Would it not be great if you could simply generate debit card pin instantly? Kotak Bank now introduces a unique solution with Instant Debit Card and Credit Card PIN generation services. Simply use the Kotak mobile banking app, access your net banking account through a laptop, or simply call the customer care help line and reset your PIN instantly.



Instant Pin Generation—Simple, Safe and Effective

While generating a new PIN, you may have to complete a few simple security-related steps to confirm your identity. Once this is done, you can generate a new PIN that will be activated immediately. So, you just need to request the store, petrol pump, or restaurant to give you few minutes, and create new debit card pin without getting delayed, hassled, or embarrassed.

The best part about this cool service is that you don’t have to rely on a machine-generated PIN. Take your time, come up with a PIN that you will remember, and buy stuff without any worries of forgetting your PIN again.

Don’t be surprised to find people applauding you for your smart thinking. Instead of making people wait, or making your family stay put as a guarantee for payment, you can rely on smart technology combined with your customer-friendly bank to solve this problem in a jiffy.



Rachita Kotian is an independent blogger and writing has been her passion for a long time. A literature major, she loves exploring the world of health, lifestyle, travel and finance. When she’s not writing, she’s most likely listening to music, cooking, surfing the web, or catching up on the latest flick.

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