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Why 2014 is the Best Time to Buy Property in Hyderabad

If you’ve not heard about the turmoil that has been simmering in Hyderabad over Telangana, there’s a good chance that you are from another planet. Jokes apart, any kind of sociopolitical unrest in a region is bound to have some sort of impact on real estate price trends.   The same stands true for Hyderabad with prices having plateaued or even bottomed out in some localities during the period of the turmoil. But political uncertainties don’t last forever and here lies the opportunity for individuals looking for an opportune moment to make an entry in real estate investments. Market watchers believe that...
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How the Super Rich Are Investing Smartly In Mumbai Real Estate

When it comes to price trends and investment in real estate, Mumbai is right there at the top among other major international cities.  South Mumbai – best known as the heart of Mumbai, acts as the central business district of Mumbai. Stating that it’s the richest zone in Mumbai, it is home to some of the most affluent and celebrated families in the country. Being the most elite town in Mumbai, it houses Mumbai’s richest families and has been attracting loads of investors from all over the world.   The Trend of Building Palatial homes   The homes of some of...
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