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Ravindra Biswas, a Financial Adviser by profession, holds a rich experience of around six years in Banking and Insurance sector. He loves to write and share reviews, updates, tips, case studies and more on Finance industry. Currently, he is giving his services to BankBazaar as Financial Adviser - Insurance.

New Health Insurance Policy with Maternity and New Born Cover

The latest entrant in the health insurance market from Religare Health Insurance Co Ltd (RHICL) is a new health insurance policy called ‘JOY’. The JOY offers insurance cover during maternity and for the new born baby. This is not an additional coverage unlike the policies from Apollo Munich easy health insurance and the Max Bupa heartbeat health insurance. Religare Joy – All that matters about the maternity insurance This one of a kind maternity and hospitalization insurance cover has the shortest waiting period of just nine months for a customer to claim any maternity related expenses. The insurance offers coverage of...
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Do’s and Don’ts while Filing Health Insurance Claim

Health Insurance offers an umbrella against unforeseen medical expenses when an illness strikes, incapacitating the individual and affecting his income. If taken well in advance, it can meet the medical treatment costs and spare financial trouble for the family. However, to claim the benefits, the beneficiary must file a medical insurance claim that is the formal intimation of the illness to the insurer. Once a claim is filed, the insurer must notify the beneficiary within a certain time-frame that his/her claim has been accepted or rejected. Though there are some health insurance companies which settles down insurance claims within 30 days from...
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