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How to Invest in Indian Commodity Market

Let us firstly understand the meaning of a commodity. A commodity is a product or an article which holds commercial value and one which can be traded across various markets. From a trading perspective, these commodities should have the same standard. Also, they can be classified into two categories namely, hard commodities and soft commodities. Metals like iron ore, copper, gold, silver; etc can be grouped into the former whereas commodities like rice, wheat; etc form a part of the latter.   Since, commodities trading is based on derivatives, let us understand some of the most commonly used derivatives. They are...
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Commodity Market: Post Budget Analysis

Commodity Market - Post Budget Analysis

The world of commodities is truly a fascinating one. The market tends to surprise each participant on a daily basis as far as fluctuating prices of commodities are concerned. Be it a trader, speculator or an arbitrager everybody wants to maximize his or her gains by predicting the accurate price of the commodities.

Trade concerning commodities has become an excellent avenue for people who wish to diversify their investment portfolio. Earlier, investors preferred to invest only in stocks, mutual funds or real estate. But, with the tremendous opportunity that came in the form of commodities, people have realized the potential of this market and since it is currently at a nascent stage in India, it provides an impetus to market participants to get started as early as possible to maximize their gains.


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